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The Goblin Tech Tree

 NameCostCommand PointsBuilt FromType
Early GameMoria Goblins2515CaveSwarming Infantry
Early GameMoria Archers3015CaveSwarming Archers
Early GameSpiderlings10025Spider's LairShock Infantry
Early GameCave Troll15025FissureSiege/Berserker
Early GameSnaga7000FortressSupport Hero
Mid GameGundabad Fighters10050Lvl 2 CaveBasic Infantry
Mid GameGundabad Archers15050Lvl 2 CaveBasic Archers
Mid GameGundabad Pikemen30050Lvl 2 CaveBasic Pikemen
Mid GameHalf Troll Swordsmen30075Lvl 2 FissureStrong Infantry
Mid GameSpider Riders50075Lvl 2 Spider's LairRanged Cavalry
Mid GameWolves500100Lvl 2 FissureMelee Cavalry
Mid GameShelob15000FortressCavalry Hero
Mid GameDurburz2000FortressLeadership Hero
Mid GameBolg20000FortressMelee Hero
Late GameDenizens of the Deep600100Lvl 3 CaveElite Infantry
Late GameArchers of the Deep650125Lvl 3 CaveElite Archers
Late GameTamer of the Deep70050Lvl 3 CaveSupport Infantry
Late GameMountain Giant70075Lvl 3 FissureStrong Siege
Late GameCandle Corpses700150Lvl 3 FissureSupport Infantry
Late GameFire Drake Brood1000150Lvl 3 FissureStrong Cavalry
Late GameWorms1000500Lvl 3 FissureHero-Horde
Late GameLugdush25000FortressPowerful Melee Hero
Late GameBoldog30000FortressWizard Hero
Late GameDrogoth50000FortressAerial Hero
Late GameAzog50000FortressSuper Hero
Late GameSmaug100000Fortress w/ RingRing Hero


  • Tunnel (resource gathering)
  • Cave (recruits goblins)
  • Spider's Lair (recruits spiders and candle corpses)
  • Fissure (recruits heavy infantry)
  • Bone Heap (Leadership)
  • Upgrades


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