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Mordor: I plan to make mordor into a mainly orc team like BOG, but unlike BOG they can purchase an upgrade that will give them help. For the sake of originality I will split it up different than in BOG too.

Men: I am going to change this into the Gondor with Rohan as an upgrade. I am also going to add new powers to them and remove Aragorn.

Goblins: Once again they will mainly be goblins with purchasable upgrades for spiders and wolves. I will use Gundabad orcs, Moria Goblins, and Dark Goblins, (from way down deep).

Dwarves: They will be changed to Erebor. Dale will be purchasable through an upgrade. Also I hope to add a new hero to them using CAH stuff.

Isengard: Dunlandings will have to be purchased via an upgrade, and Uruk-Hai will be more of a late game unit. I will make frequent use of orcs and dunlandings. Maybe I might add a power in which Mordor orcs come to help, and then they turn against them when their time is up...

Elves: I will remove Mithlond Sentries and basically leave everything else the same.

Angmar: This is a pretty complete faction, I may have to make a poll to see how to improve on it.

War of the Ring

I will add Blue mountains, Khand, and maybe more. I will also replace Redhorn Pass with Moria. I will also add Dol Amroth, and I plan to make Faramir a playable Hero Army.

Create A Hero

Not much plans here, just brainstorming for powers. One will be dread visage... but I may need feadback for the rest of them...



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